quinta-feira, 3 de março de 2016

A weekend in Óbidos

I spend most weekends in Gaeiras, a small hamlet near Óbidos.
Usually I leave Lisbon on Friday evening after school and my grandfather drives us to his home. There, I feel free as I can ride the bike, followed by my dog.

On Saturday morning I go to the swimming pool. In the afternoon I practise horse riding. 

Last weekend I had neither swimming nor horse riding as we went to Montejunto to plant a few trees. 

There are many activities in Óbidos according to the time of the year such as:


The chocolate festival celebrated from: 31st March - 25th April

 The Medieval Festival celebrated from: 31st July- 1st August, 2016

The Christmas Fair celebrated from: 4th December – 3rd January

I love all these festivals but above all the chocolate fair.
On Sunday I travel by bus back home, here in Lisbon.

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