segunda-feira, 7 de março de 2016

My Life has changed!

The day was almost here. My life was going to change from there on. Oh my god! I couldn’t belive it! I have never imagined anything like this. It´s amazing!
He has just arrived. His name is Patas (he has big paws)! He’s so beautiful! He is beige, and big. He´s a Labrador. Normally they are so cute and darling, but, my dog isn’t. I think that he is  crazier than me, but I love him so much!He has such a personality! I think that he thinks he is a person. My life has changed so much! I get home everyday, and there he is, wagging his tail from side to side with something in his mouth. And then, I go to my room and he follows me. I do my homework and he waits. After everything is done, he knows it, it´s time to his paws on! With a ball, dolls or anything he gets it. At dinner time, I always have warm feet. And at bedtime, it can be said than I am never cold. I´m never alone.

I don´t understand why there are people who still abandon pets. Because animals are not to blame. I would like everyone to love them just like me. Certainly, we would have a better world!

Student: Maria Monteiro

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