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When I started to practice Karate, I was nine years old. I started this martial art because in the school that I attended there were Karate lessons and when I was waiting for my mother I saw them practicing and I liked it very much. One day my godmother, that also practiced Karate, invited me to do training. I loved it and asked my mother if I could practice. That’s when it all started.
Karate is not to spend time. It needs discipline, respect, sincerity and willingness to train. You can´t go to the training without willingness because otherwise the training will go wrong and won’t capture anything.

In karate there are several types of styles that anyone can practice: Goju-Ryu, shotokan, Shito-Ryu, among others. I practice Shotokan. The club where I practice is NKSL (Nucleo Karaté Shotokan Lisboa).
In Karaté there are two training components: Kata and Kumite.

The Kata is a set of attack and defense moves carried out jointly or individually.
Kumite is the fight, the real combat. You need a lot of intelligence and concentration to know what to do in the different times of the combat.

I often go to competitions at national and international level. I won the national championship three times and the regional four times.

I love practice Karate and I recommend it to all young people and adults.
Student: Nuno Miguel -9º1ª


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