terça-feira, 5 de abril de 2016


When we were four years old we  started dancing in different academies. Maria was in “Pezinho de dança” Academy, and Eva was in “Lisboa Ginásio Clube”.  But about three months ago  Eva moved to “Pezinho de dança” Academy to be with her school fellow.
In ballet, we have to use a maillot, collants, and a skirt. We also have to use ballet shoes.
We love dancing because...
·        … It’s the only way to forget all the problems we have in our lives (Maria);
·        ... I feel that nobody can stop me (Eva);
·        ... I feel happy when I do it (Maria);
·        ... I feel free, like a bird (Eva);
We hope you have enjoyed.
You have to try it.

Students: Eva (nº 8) and Maria (nº 17)

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