terça-feira, 5 de abril de 2016

My experience in London

On February 19th I went to London. I was so excited! It was my 4th time in London and I could not believe I'd go back. The night before the trip I could not even sleep.
The trip was two hours and half. When I arrived there it was very late and I just needed a bed.

On the next day I had a walk on Regent’s Park. Then I went to Camden Town and went to my favourite shop in London, Cyberdog. It is a very strange store, where everything shines. I bought a new T-Shirt and went to a shoe store where I bought a pair of boots.

I had lunch on a little village called Berkhamsted, and then I went to the hotel.  On the evening I went to Piccadilly.

On the 2nd day I went to London Eye and I made a cruise on the river Thames. On the afternoon I went to the Buckingham Palace.

On the 3rd day I walked on Covent Garden and Hyde Park.

On the 4th day I went to the Tower Bridge and had to go back to the airport after lunch. I loved this experience because I had to speak in English and I saw things that I am always seeing on books and magazines.

 Student: Eva Correia

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